bimmerforums meet in kalamazoo, april 25th. they are working on getting a block in downtown kzoo closed off for the meet. everyone is welcome!

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Please use this email if you do not frequent this forum for updates, and to preregister for the event (there will be benefits to doing so, but it is not required)

Hey, anybody in the Kalamazoo area: Considering doing a cars and coffee morning meet, saturdays, once it gets warmed up this spring. Me and a buddy from Audiworld have been talking about this recently. We're aiming to make it a really open format as far as what type/brand/year of cars (think Woodward Autozone meet, if you've ever been to that) If this takes off it would be kinda cool to alternate time of day / location...1 weekend = coffeeshop, next weekend = lunch somewhere, next weekend drive-in rootbeer stand + cruise? Should be fun, just gotta round up all the kalamazoo area entusiasts! Any suggestions are welcome!
confirmed date:

Yes, April 25th is the date.
As of now, the downtown water street coffee joint location (street closure) is the primary location. The city has already been contacted and the proposal has been submitted to the necessary people. The city clerk informed me that we would have an answer by the first full week in April. (Doesn't sound like there's any reason for them to deny it, should be good) But, just to be safe, we are finding a good backup spot. Will try to have all that info posted up by the 1st of April.
im going to try and shoot for this one as well as the other. if anyone is interested in tagging along or following, let me know via PM.