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    im looking to do the KLZE engine swap for my ford probe
    i was wondering if the car the KLZE engine comes out of, the mazda mx6, and my 96 ford probe gt have the same trans, or if ill have to buy a new trans to go with the engine.

    also, anyone have a KLZE engine that theyll sell me with 90k miles or less?


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    Transmission from the Mazda MX6 LS or Ford Probe GT will work with the KLZE swap, both are the same.

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    The MX-6 has a better 5th gear ratio.

    The KL-ZE(straight neck) itself comes out of the JDM MX-6. The there is also a curved neck one that comes from the JDM MX-3.

    The swap is a direct swap, if you want to run a full ZE swap you will need to find a ZE ECU and VAF. All though, it will run fine on a DE ecu/vaf.

    There is/was a ZE in Parts Galore this past Saturday. Im not sure how picked over it is by now though.

    Another option would be to raise the compression in the stock DE short block, run the G4 heads, pick up some Colt cams, and run a G4 intake manifold.
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    Just build and turbo the stock motor....forget the ZE its not going to get you anywhere if you want to run better than 14's your whole life. Trust me. You might get 13's if your lucky but with a turbo the car would do 12's all day.

    Alll my friends had ZE's and I would run down any ZE in my old GT with just a stock motor with headers, ZE intake manifold, big bore throttle body and an cold air intake.. I also knife edged my intake and did some DIY port jobs in my back

    In the end my all motor KL03 (DE) came close to my times on my other I/H/E Probe with a 75 shot. 14.1@98 All motor full interior vs 13.7@102mph 75 shot. I did get my old NOS probe to run a best of 13.3@107mph with a 100shot at moroso Motor Speeday before it caught on fire and died hehe...still miss those days colorchanginGT lol

    Just make sure you got the right spark plugs (NGKS) some good wires, a CAI (probes love the cold air), Adjust your Throttle position sensor, gut the cat and replace your O2 sensors and you should be straight.
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    All depends what you want I have owned a couple 2nd gen probe gt v6 5spd and they were pretty funny cars. Parts are kinda pricey my diz took a shit on my 97 and it was like 700-800 bucks. If your looking for just a good street car swap in the v6 motor with some bolt on's. But I will give DSD his dues he does know his probes/mx6's all I know is I hate working on them.
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