Hey guys,

Recently I purchased an '05 Rsx type S. There is a sharp sounding whirring/squealing type noise on cold start up that occurs when it's in neutral. The noise goes away when I begin depressing the clutch but then continues again once it's in gear. It only occurs in the lower gears (1-4) as far as I can tell. After the car eventually warms up, it sometimes goes away. However if I drive it hard and get on it, the noise will come back, even when warm.

Very rarely I will get an additional noise from my gearbox which sounds like a loud grinding/vibrating noise. It doesn't sound metallic as far as I can tell.

The gearbox and trans shift great for the most part. Sometimes the clutch engages at different points of travel, leading me to believe it may not be the ISB, but instead maybe a throwout bearing. However it's becoming really hard to diagnose, I've done a lot of research and as of now I'm leaning towards an input shaft bearing, based on the symptoms.

Anyone have any opinions? Or possibly knowledge of these vehicles and if there are commonly trans issues? I have no synchro grinds, gearbox feels great...

Thanks for any help, it's much appreciated.

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