Hello everyone,

The is my first post. So sorry if this has already been asked. I have searched the web for a rebuild kit and have found a few different companies offering them for around $50. It's hard to tell if one is better than the other and if they are all just coming from the same place (China?).
My turbo works fine, but since I am replacing the clutch and have the subframe out, I figured I'd fix the oil leak coming from the turbo. There is no smoke, and boost worked ok (I think). But at 170,000 miles, I'd like to freshen it up since I have direct access while the subframe is out.
I checked the shaft, and end-to-end runout is minimal. Radial runout seems ok and normal from what I have read. Just doing this as a preventative move while I can reach everything.

Thank you!

PS If anyone in the Metro D area would like to meet up and talk shop, I am always down.